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At Brian Paul Studios, we are committed to making your product look the very best it can. We give you photos you can be proud of, and that will translate into more sales transactions for your business.

The team at Brian Paul Studios turns out tens of thousands of product photos each year. How do we do it, and do it so well? It all starts – and ends – with our Owner and Photographer, Brian Sapp.

About Brian Sapp, Owner and Photographer

Brian Sapp has been a professional photographer for more than forty years. After graduating from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design decades ago, Brian knew that he loved the creativity available from behind the lens. As a professional product photographer, Brian harnesses his creativity and pairs it with technology and design that elevates his product images from great to exceptional.

Whether working with a small business who needs ten products photographed or with a large corporation that needs thousands of images, Brian treats the products the same. Thanks to Brian’s creativity and dedication to client product images, Brian Paul Studios has been fortunate enough to work with companies ranging in size from small to large, and it is a privilege every time.

About the Brian Paul Studios Experience

What can you expect when you do business with Brian Paul Studios? A lot. Not only will you love getting to know our staff, you will also love having immediate access to your product photos. You don’t have to worry if your product is dented, dinged, or the wrong color – we fix it all to your specifications and send you the perfect photo. We’ve got you covered.

You don’t have to work with a giant photographer, a major distributor, or an in-house photographer to get sleek, retouched photos. In fact, Brian Paul Studios photos are better than those other options. Do your business a favor – work with us. It’s the best business decision you will make all year.

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