Product photography is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Not only does product photography give you access to high quality photos of your products, the portfolio of photos you have can be used to enhance your marketing techniques online and elsewhere. When you are preparing for your product photo shoot, you are making strides to capture the customers you want to attract and to give people a glimpse into the products you love.

Your product photo shoot is important, but it doesn’t have to stress you out as you prepare. Here are just a few ways you can efficiently get ready for your products to shine under the photographer’s light.

Call to Confirm
You should be working with a product photographer who is experienced in shooting things (and not portraits of families). Just as importantly, you should be working with a product photographer who is ready to answer your questions and concerns quickly via email or phone call. In the month leading up to the scheduled shoot, make contact with your photographer to confirm dates and times. You can also use this time to review any special needs you have, and to ask how you can best prepare to make the shoot go even more smoothly.

Make a List
In order to make sure you get every shot you need, make a list. Use Excel or another program you prefer, and note the product along with specific instructions or special shots you need. Email this list to your photographer a month prior to the shoot and encourage their feedback as well.

Prepare Your Products
Your products are the star of the show, and taking time to prepare them can save your photographer time and can make your products look great. Pull every product you are planning to shoot, and don’t stress out if you can’t find the correct color or if the only product you have on hand has seen its better days. Your product photographer can provide services such as color correcting or retouching to make your products match your inventory.

Mail Them Off
You don’t have to be present during your product’s photo shoot. You are already busy running other aspects of your business! Instead, consider working with a product photographer that will receive products via the mail. The process is relatively simple – you send the products, your photographer shoots them, and then your photographer sends the products back. You get quick access to your photos via the internet without having to accompany the products to the photographer studio.

Are you ready to give your products the opportunity to look their best for your potential customers? Give the team at Brian Paul Studios a call today; we would love to help you reach your photography goals.

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