No one knows your product better than you. And no one knows photography better than Brian Paul Studios. There are literally hundreds of different combinations available for your product photos. This includes backgrounds to lighting to filters, even placement and shadows play a significant role in how your final product photos look. Based on where we place that camera and your lights, you’re going to tell your clients a different story than if we place them in another way. In many ways, photography is one of the most complex elements in many industries. Everything that needs to be said must be said with one frame of reference.

Your Ideal Lighting

Regardless of the goals you have for your product, lighting is one of the biggest elements for your product photos. Something too harsh and the product may wash out. Something too soft and the angles and textures are washed away. There are generally three types of professional lights that can be used: fluorescent, LED, or tungsten. Fluorescent bulbs are energy-efficient but usually tint photos. LEDs produce very little heat and usually last a long time. Tungsten offers the best look, but they also produce a lot of heat.

Your Ideal Angles

Depending on your product and the look you’re going for, you have about a 200-degree choice from the ‘face’ of your product. That gives you maximum space over the top, bottom, and sides of your product before moving onto unflattering angles. (Unless you do something like 360-degree photos, which we do.) Generally speaking, your most flattering angle will be having your light at a 90-degree angle and your camera directly next to that light source. Keeping that in mind, there are also photographers who do different angles to speak different messages. Keep in mind, there is a reason Rolex watches are all close-ups and tilted slightly to the side to show a light band. The photograph angle drips luxury and high-quality craftsmanship.

For more on product photos and to learn more about what Brian Paul Studios, Inc. can do for your next marketing campaign, call or email us today. We are here to help!

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