When you have a new product, you want to get it out in front of your audience as quickly as you can so you can start getting sales. That means you take a quick 2-3 photos and put them up on the website, right? Wrong. That is never a good idea. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. If you take the wrong kind of photo, you may lose out on more sales than you get. It is best to have a professional product photo session for many different reasons.

What Does the Background Really Matter?

One of the most important reasons to turn to a professional photographer for product photos is the background. Think about it. If you were to look for a new house, you would want to see the outside and the neighborhood, right? You would think twice before entering a home surrounded by overgrown bushes and trees or with a yard full of garbage. The same goes with your audience.

They want to look at your product, but if the background is full of junk, it detracts from your product. It can be so visually loud that people completely miss what your product is. In the perfect world, you want a product photo that just illuminates your product and puts it on display. You do not want to have lots of contrasting colors or shadows, as those can take away from the focus of the photo.

What You Get from Professional Product Photographs

With professional product photographs, you get an image that makes your product shine. The background is simply there as a background and does not do anything to take away from your product. What we do is outline your image so that you can put it into any background you want. That gives the audience an idea of what the product looks like in use.

Looking for more tips on how to make your product look amazing? Then reach out to us here at Brian Paul Studios, Inc. today and let us show you what proper product photos really look like.

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