Business owners selling a product eventually get to the point when they are ready to take their product to a larger audience. While you may be content selling your product solely on your business website, you can increase your sales and profit by seeking out additional sites on which to sell your products. From Walmart to Amazon, Home Depot to other specialty giants, online sales for small business owners increase when you have the chance to be featured on larger (and more well known) sites.

If you have the chance to work with a large site, you will certainly benefit from the increased exposure. However, the first step is often to become an authorized seller and to meet the website guidelines to assure your products are popping up during customer searches. Here is what you need to know about getting your products highlighted.

Find Your Audience

In order to find new customers, you need to sell on sites they frequent. Don’t spend time highlighting your products on a car repair website if your customers are more likely to search for your tool at a home repair retail site. Determine who your key audience is, and begin highlighting your product on one or two websites you believe will reach that key demographic.

Read the Requirements

To become eligible to sell your product on a large retail site, you will need to complete steps and meet requirements. Each retailer is different, so be sure you are visiting the specific site and reviewing the requirements. Be honest with yourself as you determine if you can meet the requirements, or if it may be better for you to start somewhere else.

Use Great Photos

When you are featured on a major retail site, you must entice customers with your product photos. Most big websites require top quality photographs of all products, and a majority are now requiring 360 Degree Photography or even videos of the products you sell on their site. Fortunately, you already have professional quality photographs if you have worked with Brian Paul Studiosin the past; we guarantee that your photos will be beautiful and can easily supply you with 360 Degree Photographyor videos. Your products will stand out and look their best when you work with our studio.

Are you ready to take the plunge and show your products to an even wider audience? Don’t go into the process with subpar photos. Give us a callto learn more about our process and our successful customers. Let’s talk today and get started!

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