Here at Brian Paul Studios, we have the chance to work with all types of business owners. We get the opportunity to see how business owners manage their time, money, and resources differently. It is fascinating to have this inside peek at how successful business owners, whether of small, medium, or large companies, manage their products, services, and budgets.

Over the past decades working with business owners, we have compiled a list of common mistakes that even the most veteran managers make in regards to product photography. Have you made any of these mistakes?

DIY Product Photos

One of the most common mistakes we see is business owners taking their own product photos, in the hopes of saving time and money. Most business owners believe that with the advancement of technology and cell phone capabilities, taking their own product photos will be easy and efficient. Unfortunately, while cell phones can take beautiful photos, product photos require more than just an iPhone. DIY product photos often look grainy online and the majority of business professionals end up taking photos with poor lighting. Add these mistakes together and the product ends up looking downright awful online, which will not lead to successful sales or customer interest.

Not Enough Product Photos

Sometimes, we see business owners updating their product photos only once per year. While this may be a responsible decision for businesses that only offer a small number of products, and with products that rarely change, most businesses offer new products often, which means new photos are required. There is nothing worse than outdated product photos on a company website or print marketing material. You should make product photography part of your regular business calendar, including when you have new products to roll out.

Keeping It Too Simple

When it comes to product photography, simplicity is key. However, business owners sometimes make the mistake of missing out on new technology in the hopes of keeping things simple. Nowadays, 360 Degree Photography is a standard requirement for third-party websites. If you aren’t choosing to utilize this type of photography technology, you could be missing out on capturing new customers or partners.

Are you ready to develop a plan for 2019 that includes professional product photography? We would love the chance to work with you, whether you are well versed at product photos or if you are just starting out. Let’s work together to let your products shine.

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