When you invest in product photos for your business, you want to be able to use them in multiple places. Featuring your product photos in more than one location, and in more than one marketing campaign, can help you get your money’s worth as well as showcase your professional photographs for customers to see. Here are just a few ways to highlight your products by utilizing your professional photos in multiple locations.

Update Your Website
First and foremost, use your new product photos to update your current business website. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, having updated products represented on your website will assure your customers are finding you, and are seeing the most recent products you offer.

Create a Social Media Campaign
Your product photos make excellent social media content. Highlight a product each week or each month and use your professional photos to engage customers online.

Don’t Forget About Print
Your product photos aren’t meant for only the digital space of your business. Be sure you are using your photos for any print marketing campaigns as well. Consider updating your photos for a billboard, newspaper press release, or for a magazine advertisement.

Update Your Distributors
If your business utilizes third party distributors or sellers, send along your updated photos to them as well. There is nothing more frustrating for you, and for your customers, when your distributors are advertising outdated products or using old photos.

Create an Experience
If you are ready to up your customer engagement, consider using 360 Degree Photography. These photos are able to be manipulated when customers are viewing them and can increase the amount of time customers spend on your website.

Your product photographs are a crucial part of your marketing plan. If you are working with outdated photos, or you are ready to refresh your product photo portfolio, assure you are working with a photographer that understands the complexities of shooting products. Choose to work with Brian Paul Studios, where we feature outstanding customer service and exceptional photos, all done quickly to meet your deadlines. Call us today to get started.

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