Retail business owners are already preparing for the busiest season of the year – the holidays! If you haven’t started to prep your website for the hustle and bustle of extra traffic, it’s not too late to make the adjustments you need to end your year with additional sales. Here are just a few ways to make these last few months some of your best yet.

Decide on Promotions
First things first – decide what promotions or sales you want to run over these next 10 weeks. Will you be offering a Black Friday sales or promoting coupon codes for Cyber Monday? Can you schedule in flash sales throughout December to capture last-minute shoppers? Sit down with your team to nail down a timeline and prepare your online system appropriately.

Get Social
Many customers discover companies through social media referrals. Are your business social media feeds full of updated product photography and engaging content that will keep customers clicking to fill their shopping carts? If not, begin regular daily posts now in order to build a following and create buzz.

Update Your Photos
Speaking of updated product photos, is your website ready with engaging photos that highlight your products? Assure your photos are professional and consider using 360 Degree Photography to allow digital shoppers to get a closer look at your products. Your updated photos can be used on your social media accounts and website, as well as throughout your electronic newsletters or digital display advertising.

Communicate with Your Partners
If your business sells products on other websites, such as Amazon or other retail sites, assure you are giving their designers what they need to promote your products throughout the holiday season. It’s always a good idea to send an email to your account representative before the holiday rush in order to make sure you are updated on any holiday specific regulations or preferences.

If you are seeking product photos that will hook customers and produce more sales, consider working with Brian Paul Studios. We have decades of experience working with companies of all sizes and are experts at making your products look amazing. Give us a call today to talk more about your goals.

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