Retouching and Color Correcting: What You Need to Know About Photo Post-Production Services

When you invest in product photography for your business, you deserve to have the best. Your products should be the star of each photo, and every picture should be versatile and professional enough to use in a variety of mediums. As a business owner, you can rely on your professional product photographer to guide you through the process of getting the best pictures possible. However, it is wise for you to know the options available to you and your photos.

What are post-production services?

Your product photographs are the result of a multistep process. The products are carefully lit and displayed before the photographer takes the picture. Then, the digital files are uploaded and sorted before beginning any post-production services. These tweaks and enhancements are done after the photo has been taken, and the results make the product look even better than before.


Business owners may not always have the best looking product to photograph. For example, perhaps you have a part to sell but only have a dirty or dented part on hand to photograph. During post-production, the team at Brian Paul Studios will work to digitally retouch the picture. We can smooth out dents or wrinkles, and even brush away dirt or stains. The finished digital photo makes the product look brand new and is ready to be used online or in print media.

Color Correcting

It is common for clients to send products to Brian Paul Studios that are not always representative of the product inventory. For example, a business owner is ready to sell athletic shirts in yellow, red, and blue. However, they only have a blue sample to photograph. In post-production, our team digitally modify the photo to make a picture of the shirt in blue, red, and in yellow. Now the business owner has photos that are representative of the inventory available for sale.

Are you avoiding investing in product photos because you don’t have accurate or pristine products on hand? Give us a call! We are ready to give you product photos that will showcase your products in their very best light.

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