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How to Get Great Product Photos on a Small Budget

Small businesses or start-ups often rely on a shoestring budget, and that’s okay. Being fiscally responsible is an important quality for business owners to have. Whether you are just starting up, or whether you have made the tough decision to cut back your spending a bit, one thing remains true: your company needs quality product photos in order to sell your products or services.

Benefits of Product Photos

Online customers account for a big part of your business and allow you to provide products to customers outside of your hyperlocal reach. Unfortunately, you cannot continue to engage online customers without an accurate photo inventory of your current products. Most small and medium-sized businesses switch out their products throughout the year, adding new products and eliminating sold out items. You must keep your digital catalog representative of your in-house inventory or you risk alienating or confusing your customers.

Plan Ahead

One way to secure great product photos on a small budget is to plan ahead. Are you able to secure a product photographer’s services only once or twice per year? That’s okay! Plan ahead to get the most out of your investment by photographing products that will launch throughout the year. This way, you have the photos you need when launch day arrives, and you won’t have to pay expedited fees for a rush order.

Take Advantage of Post-Production Services

When you work with a professional product photographer, you have access to post-production services that can make a big difference for your bottom line. At Brian Paul Studios, our clients benefit from photos that have been color changed or retouched after photographing. This means you don’t have to have a product to photograph in every color or in the best shape. We can take your current product and make it look its best, as well as change the colors to make your photo inventory match your product line.

Skip the Warehouse Photo Shoot

You don’t have to have a major photo shoot in your warehouse. On-location shoots can be extra expensive. Instead, mail in your products to us and let us shoot in our own studio. You will save money while still getting expert photographs you can use for online or print campaigns.

Think that product photography isn’t in your budget this year? You will be surprised at how affordable it is to work with Brian Paul Studios. We have worked with companies (and budgets) of all sizes, and are ready to hear more about your goals. Give us a call today to get started.

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