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Tips for Engaging Online Customers with Product Photos

Smart business owners know their online presence is just as important, if not more important, than their brick and mortar storefront. No matter if you are selling t-shirts or electrical parts, customers are likely to find you online by searching a few keywords. However, online shoppers can be fickle. Without proper engagement, they are just as likely to exit your site and continue on to the next site that has what they are searching for.

The key to keeping browsers on your site, giving them more time to choose to purchase from your business, is keeping them engaged at your site. One major way to increase browser engagement is through product photos. Here is what you need to consider when building your online site.

Keep Photos Accurate to Inventory
Online browsers will not stick around to endure too many “item not in stock” messages when they click a product photo. Keep your browsers engaged by assuring your online product photos match your available inventory. When you work with Brian Paul Studios, you can be confident that our post-production services, such as color correcting, will keep your photos looking great and representing your current stock.

Let Customers Take the Products for a Spin
360 Degree Photos are more likely to keep browsers on your site for longer. When potential customers can virtually pick up and view your products from all sides with a simple click or drag of their mouse, they are more likely to stay on your site and even purchase the product. While 360 Degree Photography was once used only as a marketing gimmick, our clients are noting significant success with using 360 Degree photos for most products on their website.

Make Sure Products Look Their Best
Even the best products can lose online customer engagement if the photo looks bad. Poor lighting, busy backgrounds, and other problems can make a product look wrinkled, scratched, or broken; this will leave customers feeling less than confident in your business. Choose photos that make your products look their very best.

Product photography in a professional studio doesn’t have to break your budget or extend your tight deadline. The team at Brian Paul Studios has decades of experience working with business owners throughout the world. We would love to work with you as well! Give us a call to learn more and get started today.


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