Marketing managers or business owners typically anticipate their product photo shoots. After all, professional photographs of products can be used online and for printed marketing materials. It is crucial the photos represent a full product line and show the products off as well as possible.

Whether you are heading into your first product photo shoot or your tenth, you can make your experience even better by knowing what to expect and staying organized. Here is a checklist to get you started off on the right foot.

2-4 Months Before the Photo Shoot

  • Choose an experienced product photographer to work with. Contact the office to schedule your shoot and to talk about your goals.
  • Review your product line, including any new products you will be launching in the next 6-12 months.
  • Select products for your photo shoot. Ideally, you should include one of everything in order to keep your photo inventory in step with your ready-to-ship inventory.
  • Note which products will need to be color changed, and include a list of colors to change to. (All photos are color corrected, as the camera can sometimes see what the eye doesn’t.)
  • Select which products you want to be photographed using 360 Degree technology.
  • Begin designing your new webpages and marketing collateral (digital and print), leaving space for your new photos. This is also a good time to determine the photo size you need for your campaigns. Communicate these parameters to your photographer so he can shoot to the correct perimeter.


1-4 Weeks Before the Photo Shoot

  • Call your photographer to confirm product shipping instructions and any other last minute details.
  • Begin packing products for shipping via your photographer’s recommendations and suggestions.
  • Ship your products in plenty of time.
  • Begin building excitement for your new launch via social media and other digital outlets.
  • Put final touches on your digital and print designs.


The Day(s) of the Photo Shoot

  • If you are not in the studio with the photographer, be available to take any questions. Make sure the photographer has multiple ways to reach you or your team members.
  • Wait with excitement (and obsessively check email) to catch first images from your photographer.
  • Your photographer will send quick views of the photos to assure the photos are moving in the direction you want. Always be available to give the “ok” to photos coming through so that your photographer can move on to the next product. This communication helps the photographer know exactly how you like each of your photos.
  • Work with your team and photographer to make any adjustments to products or request retouching services.


After the Photo Shoot

  • Use digital images to update website inventory, as well as to increase browser engagement.
  • Update digital and print marketing campaigns to include your new photographs.
  • Wait for shipment from your photographer that contains your original products.
  • Begin planning your new product photo experience.

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