Business owners are responsible for their company’s bottom line. Most work diligently to steward their money well and keep expenses low while keeping profits high. Unfortunately, some business owners can make poor long-term decisions when focused on keeping short-term costs as low as possible.

At Brian Paul Studios, we work with businesses of all sizes and have seen more than one owner try to DIY their product photos. In nearly every case, the results were poor and the owner came to us to take photographs that would accurately represent the product. If you are considering skipping professional product photography this quarter and trying the DIY route, here are a few reasons we discourage it.

Devices Matter

While your smartphone or other tablets can take great photos of your family on vacation, those devices cannot come near the detail of professional equipment. It can be tempting for business owners to grab their phone, or even purchase a high tech camera, in the hopes of capturing product photos. Unfortunately, these photos end up lacking detail and capabilities that will engage online customers.

Light Matters

At Brian Paul Studios, we know lighting can make or break a product photograph. We strive to stay ahead of technology trends and find equipment that will keep your products looking their best in print or digital campaigns. For many of our clients who send our product photographs to larger sites, like Home Depot, a DIY product photo would simply look unprofessional, grainy, and not well lit.

Technology Matters

The online experience is crucial for any company who is trying to engage potential customers. When you work with Brian Paul Studios, we give your product photos that showcase your products in their best light. We also have the knowledge and capability to provide you with product photos that feature 360 Degree technology, allowing browsers to get a full view of what your company sells.

You can DIY certain parts of your business without major consequence. However, your products – and how they look online and in print – need to be represented well in order to engage customers and increase profit. Don’t DIY your product photos. Instead, invest in product photography that will make your products look their very best.

Call the team at Brian Paul Studios today. We would be honored to work with you to provide you with photographs you can be proud of.

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