A picture may be worth a thousand words, but in business, a well-done product photo can be worth thousands of dollars in revenue or customer engagement. However, sometimes a photo starring your product doesn’t tell the whole story. Instead, customers or internet browsers want to see your product in action so they can better envision it in their homes, offices, or lives.

This is where lifestyle product photography comes into play. It puts your product at the center of a story told through a photo.

What is Lifestyle Product Photography?

Imagine you are a business owner who sells faucets. Traditional product photography would give you photos of your faucets, well-lit and looking their best, for your copy and online marketing efforts. Lifestyle product photography, however, takes the photos to the next level. Instead of a simple photo of your faucet, lifestyle product photography showcases your faucet as a part of a modern and stylish bathroom. Your faucet is still the star of the show, but adding the rest of the bathroom components gives browsers the opportunity to see how it looks with other finishes.

Let’s Tell a Story

Lifestyle product photography also gives the chance for your potential customers to see your product in action. They can see a photo of your garden hose in the hands of a toddler trying to give his dog a bath, creating a story with your garden hose as the hero. A well-told photograph can be a story that inspires a customer to purchase your product because it looks great and because of how the story made them feel.

Without lifestyle product photography, your product photos can seem cold or impersonal. When you add in the lifestyle photos, your products are suddenly highlighted in a brand new way. It’s a new way to market your product and connect with your customers.

Curious if your products would work with a lifestyle approach? Call the experienced team at Brian Paul Studios. We are seeing great success with our lifestyle shoots and would love to tell you more about them. Let’s get started today!

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