When you receive your professional product photos, you may have a few ideas about how to use them online. Using your photos wisely and efficiently is an important part of your investment. However, some business owners are not quite sure how to use their photos online and offline. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you get ready to use your product photos over the holiday season and beyond.


DO: Update Your Website

First things first, make your products the star of the show by updating your current website and online shop. When you work with us at Brian Paul Studios, we assure your products look their best; be sure to take advantage of these updated photos to reflect your current stock by swapping out old photos for your new ones.


DO: Review Your Print Ads

Most businesses have templates for print ads or information they use repeatedly. With your updated product photos in hand, take the time to review and update your current print ad templates now. Discard outdated photos and information by replacing photos with your new ones.


DON’T: Skip 360 Degree Photos

Online customers engage with 360-degree photos longer than more typical two dimensional photos. Don’t forget to take advantage of your professional 360-degree photos by adding them to your company website and store, as well as sending the photos to any vendor that may sell your products as well.


DO: Schedule Your Next Session

Your products change often and your stock can vary from season to season. Now is the time to go ahead and schedule your next professional product photo session with Brian Paul Studios. We love working with our clients and shooting their products in their best light. No matter if you need new product photos once per quarter or once per year, schedule it ahead of time so that you can begin building your marketing and production timeline around that date.

Are you ready to make your products look their best and capture the attention of online browsers? It starts with working with a professional photographer who knows the ins and outs of product photography. Let the team at Brian Paul Studios show you what working with a professional product photographer can be like – you’ll love the results! Call us today to get started.

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