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Using Your Product Photos for Social Media Marketing

Most business owners invest in product photography so that they have beautiful photos to use in their marketing campaigns. Whether you use your product photos in print campaigns or to engage online shoppers on your website, your product photos can make a major difference in showing off your merchandise to potential customers. However, if you are not including your product photos as a part of your social media campaign, you could be missing out on one more way to utilize your pictures.


Here are a few ways you can use your product photos throughout your business social media efforts.


As Your Profile Photo

A product photo can be an excellent profile picture or cover photo for your social media home page. You can add your logo to complete the branding process, and can even switch out your featured product photo as a profile picture each week or month. Swapping out your photos will help you social media feed get more exposure as well.


As Content

You can use your product photos as the photo to accompany social media content. Try adding a description of the featured product with the photo, or series of photos.


Create a Poll

You can create a poll on most social media platforms, and using your product photos will increase engagement. Try a poll asking readers to choose their favorite t-shirt design or to choose their favorite product, using your photos as the choices.


Highlight in Stories

Facebook and Instagram both offer “stories” options, where you can use video to communicate with customers. The videos or photos typically only stay active for a day or so, but you can curate a highlight tab of your stories on Instagram. Try making different highlight reels of your products using photos and text that describes the most interesting or important features. Once you create that highlight tab, it will stay on your profile home page for as long as you would like.


It Starts with Professional Photos

Don’t use DIY product photos for your social media marketing efforts. Not only will the products not look their best, but you could also portray an unprofessional appearance to potential customers. Instead, choose to work with the best product photographer in the business – Brian Paul Studios. We would be honored to capture your products in their best light.


Call us today to tell us more about your products, your business, and your goals.


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