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What to Look For Before Hiring a Product Photographer

Eye-catching product photography can be the deciding factor that convinces potential buyers to click “purchase” rather than moving on from your website to a competitor’s. Especially during this challenging time, retailers who can showcase a stunning online presence will see a huge advantage. 

When you’re looking to cut costs, it can seem like a good idea to DIY your product photos, or go with the cheapest photographer available. Don’t make that mistake! Make sure to thoroughly vet your photographer before signing a contract. 


What type of businesses does the photographer typically work with? Is he/she trained in product photography? Though many portrait photographers are incredible at their craft, their skills may not transfer to the detailed imaging required for photographing physical items. 

Post-Production Capabilities

What if you offer a t-shirt in multiple colors, but only have one color available for the photo shoot? Can your photographer offer excellent post-production services to create images of all the colors you offer? Similarly, if your sample happens to be a bit worn, can your photographer offer retouching to make a paint chip disappear? Though they may seem small, these details make an incredible difference if done properly.

Ship and Shoot Capabilities

Where is the photographer located, and does he/she require you to be onsite or deliver your products for the shoot? Brian Paul Studios uses a simple ship and shoot process that allows you to drop items in the mail, send them from anywhere, and we’ll shoot and return them to you!


Make sure you can see plenty of examples of the photographer’s work, including a variety of types of products. If you can see examples of a product similar to yours, even better! If you don’t see a portfolio featured on the photographer’s website, make sure to clarify.

When it comes to excellence, we’ve got it covered. With over 40 years of experience photographing products, a top-notch post-production process, a gorgeous portfolio, and a simple ship and shoot policy, we make it simple. If you have more questions, or are ready to schedule a shoot, give us a call!

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