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3 Ways Lighting and Background Can Affect Your Product’s Visual Appeal

There is certainly no shortage of marketing tricks and techniques for presenting products and items to the public. One of the most commonly used (and highly effective) is product photography. This photography specializes in presenting a company’s item in the best setting to make it as appealing as it can be. Here are 3 examples of how lighting and background can impact your product:

Angle Highlighting

If you have a product with shapely curves or a sleek design, then using different types of lighting may help to showcase those lines and angles. Ambient, task, accent, as well as decorative lighting all may be used to achieve a different look. These are common methods for products like jewelry, electronics, automobiles and others.

Color Amplification

For products where you want to highlight bright or vibrant colors, lighting and background can play a huge role. For example, light colors against dark backgrounds and dark colors against light backgrounds can really pop. If you are trying to emphasize the sharp, crisp colors on an electronic screen or clothing, the right background is critical. Art and home decorations are other products where color presentation is important.

Customer Inspiration

One of the biggest ways that various lighting, background and surroundings can impact your product is the way in which it moves your target audience to buy it. For instance, when a client sees a product in a certain way, it can cause them to take mental ownership.

Maybe it is a cologne or perfume that was made to look mysterious through dim lighting. This made the customer curious. It might be a food or beverage that looks like a 5-star culinary creation in the product photo. Sometimes it may simply be a purse or accessory that looks like it could blend perfectly with any outfit.

At Brian Paul Studios, we know how to make your product standout with all sorts of lighting and background techniques. Get in touch with us to go over the details. We work with budgets and timeframes of all sizes. Whether you are launching a new campaign or rebranding a classic, we can help!

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