Product images are what make your product real to your audience. Having an average image may stick with your audience if they see it, but in reality, the chances of that happening are quite low. If you want your product to stick out, you need to give your product image a unique appeal. One option you have is to use darkness and shadows around your product. This type of image can creep into the mind of your audience and take up space.

How Do Darker Images Stand Out?

Nearly all product images are light and bright, and for good reason. It shows off your product and lets your audience visualize themselves using it. However, when it comes to creating a first impression, that is not always an option that stands out. One of the options we can provide is a darker image using shadows and darkness to give your product a bit of mystery. It is not ideal for a full set of images in most instances, but for an image to catch someone’s attention and pop, it may be exactly what your product needs.

Using shadows can make certain aspects of your image pop. It can leave a piece of that image stuck in the minds of your audience long after seeing the image. Some products work well with this type of image being one they use for advertisements, with additional images that follow. For those, we highly recommend that you use a series of images with bright lighting. Customers can see the nuances of your product, allowing them the intrigue and the imagery in one series. You can also opt for a full 360-degree series of images that makes your product interactive.

Brian Paul Studios is Here to Help

No matter what type of image you think will best help your product shine, we can help. You can drop off your product or even ship it to us, and we can create a series of images based on your recommendations. Want to know how we would set up the shoot? Just ask! Contact us here at Brian Paul Studios today, and let us create images your audience is sure to love!

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