When potential customers search online for a product, they want to see it in action. Lifestyle photography, or placing your product at the center of a visual story, can give browsers a glimpse into what life can look like when they purchase your product. After all, it is more intriguing to see a busy Mom using a faucet to give her baby a bath than to simply see a photo of the faucet itself.

No matter what product your business sells, lifestyle photography can take increase customer engagement and even increase sales. Here are a few ideas to consider when developing your lifestyle photography session concepts.

Create a Relatable Story

One photo can tell a much longer story, and your lifestyle photography session will be focused on putting your product at the center of that narrative. When developing concepts, be sure you are creating a relatable story that will connect with and reach your target audience. Your product may be useful and attractive to more than one target audience, and that’s okay – create a new photo story for each of those audiences so that you have photos to use when you are targeting those specific people.

Make Your Product the Hero

Don’t let your photograph become too muddled with a complex story. Your product should always be the focus and the hero. Make sure your product is easily seen in the photograph and that it is solving a problem. 

Encourage Daydreaming

Your story should be relatable, but you can add a bit of luxury to encourage daydreaming for your browsers. For example, make the kitchen set for your faucet look contemporary and modern so that your browser is inspired to create their dream kitchen with your faucet at the center.

Leave It to the Professionals

Lifestyle photography is not a DIY project. While your marketing team can certainly be involved with developing ideas and defining your target audience, you should hire a professional photographer with access to a variety of sets to create the stories you imagine. At Brian Paul Studios, our lifestyle photography is a key focus of our business. We love working with business owners to create stunning photos that can be used online or in print.

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