It only takes a quick stroll down your favorite store to notice the holiday decorations slowly (but surely) creeping into the aisles. October tends to mark the start of the holiday season, and most business owners rely on holiday business for their yearly profit margins. However, you can’t capitalize on the holiday shopping rush if you don’t have the right campaign and corresponding product photos.

If you haven’t started your product photos for the holiday season yet, now is the time to get going. Here are a few ideas to inspire you as you build your holiday campaigns.

Consider Lifestyle Photography

Shoppers and online browsers are more engaged with photos that feature a product in use. There’s a connection when the browser sees the product in a photo that tells a story they can relate to. When is the last time you utilized lifestyle photos of your product? If you aren’t using this approach, you are certainly missing out on connecting with a majority of browsers who are looking for products like yours.

Use 360 Degree Photos

Online shopping is convenient, meaning many companies thrive in the online market. However, shoppers want to be able to engage with the product as much as possible before purchasing. 360 Degree Photography can offer the browser the opportunity to get a closer look at the product, giving them the chance to spin and manipulate the image for a better picture of what it looks like in real life.

Get Updated Shots

Holiday shoppers don’t want to be browsing an inventory of outdated photos. Be sure your online and print photos represent your current collection of products.

Brian Paul Studios is ready to work with you to set you up with product photos that make your products shine. No matter if it is the holiday season or another time of year, we are committed to giving you the photos you need to make your business look its best online and in print. Call us today to talk more about your upcoming project.

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