Your smartphone can do almost anything for you and your business. You can check your emails and communicate with clients from anywhere, post photos to social media to get the word out about a flash sale, and even approve timesheets your employees submit. Many business owners and executives use their smartphones to cut costs, including using their phones to take product photos. While a DIY approach can certainly save you money on some of your budget lines, leave your product photography to the professionals.

Here are a few common mistakes that happen when businesses try to DIY their own product photos.

Strange Lighting

When it comes to outstanding product photos, lighting is everything. Your product needs to be well lit from all angles in order for the photo to really highlight the product. Unfortunately, DIY product photography is either lit too much or not enough. When you notice your lighting is off, you may be tempted to purchase gadgets and learn about items like light tents or ring lights, in the hopes these products will make your own look great. Unfortunately, these items will cost your business more money and you still won’t have professional-looking results.

Busy Backgrounds

Products photograph best on neutral and non-competing backgrounds. Most DIY attempts place products on tables in warehouses, or against busy backdrops. This takes away from the product and can leave you with an unappealing photo.

Less Color Correction and Retouching

You can’t put a filter on your photos and expect them to look perfect. This type of retouching and color-correcting can only be done post-production. Chances are, you simply don’t have the time to edit your photos. Let the professionals do their job and take care of it for you.

Less Engaging Photos

Finally, online consumers expect product photos to be engaging. They want to see 360-degree photos so they can manipulate the product and see it from all angles. The addition of 360-degree photography can give browsers the opportunity to investigate the product from all sides, which can help them make a confident decision on their purchase. This technology is especially helpful for intricate replacement parts, as customers can assure the product is exactly what they need prior to purchasing it, making returns quite rare. DIY techniques cannot make this happen.

The team at Brian Paul Studios can make your professional product photography dreams come true. We excel at working with businesses of all sizes, all budgets, and on all timelines. Call us today to tell us more about your upcoming project.

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