We live in a do-it-yourself society where a quick Google search can lead us to a YouTube video that can teach us to do almost anything on our own. While this is excellent in many cases, like learning how to get that ring you dropped down the kitchen drain, do-it-yourself methods are not always the best answer.

For business owners, a do-it-yourself attitude can save money. However, it can also waste time and provide subpar results. DIY product photography is an excellent example of an activity you should always leave to the professionals. No matter how many YouTube videos you watch and no matter how many cameras you purchase, you’ll never be able to produce the photographs that you need for digital and print marketing campaigns.

Professional product photographers have spent decades perfecting their craft and you can benefit from their experience when you choose to invest in their services. Here are just a few reasons why working with a professional product photographer can give you better results.

More Engaging Photos

When you work with a professional product photographer, you gain the opportunity to provide customers with a more engaging e-shopping experience. While many people do shop online, one visit to an eCommerce site only results in a purchase less than 3% of the time. However, more engaging photos give the customer an opportunity to take a closer look and interact with the product. 

360 degree photos are only available via professional product photographers and can increase engagement as well as customer confidence at the point-of-purchase. For example, a customer looking for a part that needs to be a just-right fit can use 360 degree photography to make a more confident decision.

Better Quality Photos

Even the best DIY attempt will never create the same quality results as a professional photographer. Further, DIY attempts often take much longer due to amateur tactics and too many mistakes or reshoots. When working with a professional, you get quality results more quickly and have photos that are ready to use for any of your digital or copy needs.

More Options

Finally, another reason professional product photography is better than a DIY method is the options for postproduction work. At Brian Paul Photography, our services include retouching, color correcting, and outlining. These extra touches allow your photos to look amazing and to reflect an accurate portrayal of your inventory.

When it comes to your product photos, skip the YouTube videos and DIY approach. Let us take care of it. You’ll love the results and your customers will too. Call us today to talk more about your next product photo project.

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