Many people underestimate the power of a professional photo. They think they can take a picture of their product and just put that online. No one will notice the difference, right? Wrong. There are major differences between regular smartphone images and the types of images that you get using a professional photographer. If you want your product to have the best chances of taking off, then you need to make sure you get the right images from the start.

Problems with Many Smartphone Images

While some smartphones on the market can give you massive megapixels, they simply do not have the depth or quality of image when compared to professional equipment. Professional cameras take deeper images, the depth of view is different than what a smartphone is capable of. They can get more details to show up in each image than a smartphone can.

Professional cameras are also typically used in professional settings. This means that there is no shadow around the product, helping it stand out even more. The background of the image is also quiet. This means there are no loud colors or patterns that detract from the main focus of the image – your product.

When taking professional images, you are also going to have a professional who understands lighting. Taking a picture with your phone can lead to clutter in the background, smudges, or blurry pictures. If you get professional photos of your product taken, your product will be the main focus, brightly lit without any type of distraction from what you want to show most.

Customers Respond to Professional Photos

You set the tone with your customers when you use professional photos for your products. They can see from the start they are going to get a quality product. If you want to sway your customers to buying your product over another, then make sure you reach out to us here at Brian Paul Studios, Inc. Put our 40+ years of experience to work for you, and let us help you get your products looking their best.

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