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Your products may look great in person, but if even some of your business profits come from online sales, your products must also look great online. Most small and large businesses realize that product photography is the key to successful eCommerce, though many often try to DIY the process on their own to poor results before finally investing in professional product photography.

Professional product photos are especially beneficial when creating a connection with online customers. Americommerce reports what you have likely already seen: customers remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read.

If you are ready to take your online sales to the next level, or if you are ready to create a story behind your products that can increase customer engagement, lifestyle photography is your next logical step. Lifestyle photography gives online browsers the chance to see your product in action, in a set up that reminds them of their current situation or the situation they hope to be in. Much more personal than just a product in front of a white backdrop, lifestyle photography allows the customer to picture themselves using the product.

Tell a Story

If you list products on a third party site, such as Amazon, using lifestyle photographs in addition to general product photos can increase engagement and traffic to your product sites. When you are working with a product photographer, talk about your hopes for lifestyle photos and what story you are hoping to tell. Work your product into the story, placing it as the center or hero of the tale.

Know Your Audience

Be sure your lifestyle photos are speaking to your target audience. Create the background and details that will instantly entice your target audience to click on the product to investigate further. Work with your professional photographer to design the sets and details; exceptional product photographers have an eye for photos and for marketing strategy.

Let Us Help

Brian Paul Studios are at the forefront of product photography in Chicagoland and provide services to companies across the globe. Our lifestyle photographs are flawless and give your product the leading role. Call us today to talk more about your product and your goals moving forward. We’d love to help you get there. For more information about selling your product on a large websites like Amazon, read our past blogs. 

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