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The Importance of Professional Photography for your eCommerce Business

As so many businesses feel the squeeze of the COVID-19 restrictions, eCommerce is a fantastic way to create revenue. With regulations under continual modifications, businesses that can ship or deliver products to their customers are at a significant advantage. A key component of eCommerce, whether you ship or provide curbside pickup, is excellent photography. Since customers can’t see or touch items in person, professional photos are a must for both online and print campaigns. 

No matter if you have had eCommerce as a part of your business plan for years or if you are just starting to connect with more customers during this pandemic, working with a professional product photographer is crucial.

Why Professional Photography is a Must

If a product looks cheap or bland in photos, a customer is unlikely to buy, regardless of how great the item may appear in person. Without a way to showcase benefits and features, your product will be less appealing to potential buyers. This can pose a problem if you’re not equipped to take professional-grade photos, and it’s certainly not the time to hire an on-site photographer. 

Fortunately, we are still open for business! We shoot products in a way that showcases their best angles, including products in packaging to help you better advertise to wholesalers.

Our process

It’s easy to work with us here at Brian Paul Studios. Contact us, tell us more about your products, and then ship them to our location to be photographed! No need to fill out lengthy order forms; we’ll write up the order and give you an estimate before we begin any work. We’ll choose the setup and the lighting to give your products the best possible advantage. 

Finally, we’ll send you the images and ship your products back to you. It’s simple, straightforward, and will have a dynamite impact on your business. Our clients rave not only about our photographs, but also about our creativity and our ability to problem-solve.

Everyone’s talking about the uncertainty of these times, but we’re already experienced in eCommerce and sales of products online. We’re here in the midst of this pandemic to help your business continue and thrive. Call us to schedule your session.

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